12 Week Cut – Week 2 weigh-in and progress

So, before all the boring bits and yadda yadda about what I ate and what i lifted and how much I bounced up and down, let’s cut (hah!) straight to the chase and get to the bit I know you’re waiting for: how much do I weigh this week?

… 91.3kg

which is good news on the one hand and a little meh on the other. Good because it is a 1.3kg, almost 3lb loss since last week, which makes 2.2kg almost 5lb loss in the 2 weeks since I started the cut, and that is a positive move in the right direction. Not entirely positive because my target is 2lb a week on the nail, in order to be just targetting fat loss and minimising lean mass loss. So I’m a pound over, or under, which either doesn’t sound a whole lot or is a 50% discrepancy, depending on your perspective. Being out by 50% rather implies I have not calculated, or observed my calories very well. Especially given that we had an unexpected full family Friday Fabulous Film Feast last night and I allowed myself a cheat meal and had pizza (Hot & Spicy, Italian crust. It was heavenly. I could have had 2 more. but didn’t).
but, then again, it’s only a pound, and it could still be water weight to an extent, so I’m not crying over lost gainz just yet.

So what have I eaten this week?
A lot, I must say, and a reasonable amount of variety.

Porridge with sour morello cherries and banana with a scoop of creatine has been my go-to breakfast this week. A couple of times I have had smoothies as detailed in the Breakfast Blitz post. Today, being Saturday, we had a big family fry-up: fried eggs, beans, sausage, bacon and toast for the children; vegetable omelette, salad, bacon and a sausage for me.

Lunches: I have been on the road a lot this week, requiring a bit of forward thinking for meal prep to keep on track with calories and macros. There are few things worse for one’s diet, whether cutting, bulking or maintaining, than having to grab food on the go at lunchtime. The ‘sandwich, bag of crisps and can of drink’ lunch deal so beloved of supermarkets is not a good option in any of those scenarios. there are ways of getting a good quick lunch from a supermarket or convenience store, which I will document at some point in the next few weeks, but this week I didn’t even have that option available as I was not in the vicinity of any shops (although I was just behind a huge Morrisons distribution centre and a Muller yogurt factory).
I was reasonably well organised on the food prep front, however. Above left: carrot, roasted sweet potato slices, chilli con carne, mixed salad with cashews; at right: mixed spinach salad, chicken breast, cocktail sausages, buttered cabbage, cherry tomatoes, hardboiled eggs(with little wrap of salt just visible – this is an essential thing to remember), cottage cheese.
I say reasonably well organised, because on the day pictured at right I was on point with my food, but forgot to pack a fork or any kind of eating utensil and was obliged to use a cut off blade from a jet turbine engine to eat my salad and cottage cheese with. Distinctly sub-optimal.

“I notice you has lunch, Dad. I also like lunch…”
My travel companion enquiring after service

Evening meals have again centred around big healthy wodges of protein such as chicken, fish and steak. served with a good variety of salads, cruciferous vegetables and fermented veg – the red cabbage and celeriac from last week has taken a bit of a back seat to a white cabbage and apple and also a plain sauerkraut.


Today has been rather a lazy day. We all need them every now and then. I have done my abs workout. Walked the dogs. Done yoga. Done the Saturday Suck. Then it started snowing again, so spent the afternoon on the sofa in front of the fire watching Murder on the Orient Express. It is good for the mind, the body and the soul to have time to chill, especially with loved ones. Everyone is sprawled out and comfy. There are dogs and cats draped over every available surface.
Then I found myself feeling a little bit peckish. As you do in these situations. My children are allowed to have Pringles and Doritos and a bottle of pop (7Up zero) as a treat for family movie occasions. I am not. However that does not have to preclude having TV snacks.  Behold the cutting snack platter: Moroccan couscous with pomegranate, quinoa and edamame, Chorizo, Lomo, Serrano ham.

So, another week over, another week ahead. Onwards and downwards, hopefully at slightly reduced rate this week. I haven’t bored you with the exercise regime this time. I may do another post on that topic: I’m toying with a change of workout to do a bit more heavy compounds and fewer but higher volume accessory exercises but that can save for another day when I have come to some conclusions on that score.
I was going to post progress pictures – I have taken them for reference but have decided to do that monthly rather than weekly.
See y’all next Saturday for another thrilling instalment…


  1. GoogleMe

    Oh the joy of a hardboiled egg and some salt to dip it in! We have a small tin formerly containing my elder son’s hair product. We keep a stash of cutlery in the car (still manage to get caught out when it has been brought in for washing)

    Great reading about the variety.

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