Back, and slacker.

Okay I’m going to have one more shot at this blog thing.

It’s been gnawing at me for quite a while that I have not kept up the blog. To quote Frank Zappa, I figure the odds are about 50/50 that I have something to say, but either way I feel a need to say it rather than just mutter at the dogs and annoy the children.

In actual fact I have written 240 blog posts in the last year that languish unpublished in the vault. Pretty much every day I write something, sometimes in notes on my phone or iPad, or straight into drafts on here on my laptop or scribbled in the margins of my survey notes at work. There is never any shortage of strong opinion on my part that I want to foist upon the world. What is in shorter supply is the time to edit, expand, fact check and find pictures to accompany my initial stream-of-consciousness to make it into a proper blog post. I jot down ideas, splurge out half formed rants and diatribes, but by the end of the day just never have the time or energy to work them into a finished publishable state, and of course the longer it is since you get out of a habit the harder it is to restart.

It may come as a surprise to regular readers to learn that previous posts have been edited, fact checked etc, and that I consider them ‘proper blog posts’ in a ‘finished publishable’, indeed that I have any form of quality control, but I assure you things can get a lot rougher from here. For what I have decided to do is do away with all that process and just put out my thoughts in their raw unvarnished unfiltered form. I’m just going to get my thoughts down and then just throw them out there. If they are not completely thought out then that can be a start point for debate or further thought. Some days that may mean its a bit more like Twitter or Snapchat or whatever spontaneous instant format there is, rather than a polished (hahaha) piece of prose.

Also there may be a bit less of a focus on fitness and more on keto, dementia, autism, gut health, trousers, food, dogs and furniture.

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