It’s It’s The Breakfast Blitz: Smoothie du Jour 2 Sour Cherries

I have recently got back into eating sour cherries in a big way. We used to have a huge sour cherry tree in our front garden and bottle our own, enough to keep us going right through the Winter and Spring till the tree was laden again. The tree, alas is no more. The health benefits of sour cherries live on, however. They are rich in antioxidants, particularly quercetin, which can help relieve symptoms of gout, arthritis and improve cardiac function. They are said to be good for your brain, slowng the development of degenerative disease and improving cognition. Of special interest to me they are allegedly good for relieving muscle soreness and improving sleep. They also taste nice, so what’s not to like, right?
We haven’t had any for a while because the only place I see them on sale is Lidl, where they are a very reasonable £1.29 or thereabouts for a large jar, and we have switched our German bargain grocery outlet allegiance to Aldi of late, and for all the wonders Aldi has to offer, bottled sour cherries are not among them. I found a bottle of our own home-canned cherries in the back of a cupboard a couple of weeks ago and it reminded me how good they were, so since then I have been  making an extra pilgrimage on the shopping run to get the Lidl ones. I have been having them on porridge in the morning and on my Greek yogurt in the evening, but on this morning I put them in my protein shake.

The ingredients were:

40g porridge oats,

100g cottage cheese

1 scoop USN Creatine Anabolic (tastes beyond ghastly on its own and looks like Fairy Liquid)

1 scoop vanilla ice cream flavour whey protein

1/3 bottle cherries with the whole bottle worth of juice


it was surprisingly nice tasting – none of the vileness of the creative powder, more like, well, cherry ice cream, and had a viscosity not entirely reminiscent of vomit, for a pleasant change.

Verdict 8.5/10




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