Here endeth the Lent Challenge

No, it’s not Easter yet.
But it is the end of the Lent Challenge.
You may have noticed no challenge posted for the past 3 days. Or maybe you didn’t, because I don’t think anyone is actually following the challenge anymore.
Alas I feel the rather random variety of the exercises and the lack of specific focus doomed the challenge to failure. I am guessing those following the beginner’s guides to achieving your first Pull-Up or Push-Up were put off by the lack of continuity, and I don’t think anyone at all was following the firebreather WODs. Posting the links to the day’s workouts across all the various fora and groups just cluttered up the feeds on those pages, and I suspect had rather outstayed its welcome.
Also, the workouts I am doing myself during my cut do not particularly lend themselves to being the workout of the day for the challenge, and I don’t want to just get into posting one workout and doing a different one, nor do I have the time or energy to do the daily challenge workout on top of my own workouts. And, ultimately, churning out posts and challenges every day if no one is doing them is not an effective use of my time… so… this is The End, my friends.

however, there is no need to be sad. The Lent Challenge may be gone but the blog goes on. Not putting up a challenge post every day gives me more time for all the other good content about food and philosophical shizz and inspiring stuff. Nor does the exercise stuff stop either. What I am going to do is condense the ‘How to… Push-Up/Pull-Up’ etc content into specific posts/series so those who have ambitions to master those moves. Maybe even run that on into some more challenging exercises. I will also start posting my own routines so if anyone wants to jump in with my on my workouts can do so. The Saturday Suck will continue and I hope all of you will be joining in with that (which reminds me I haven’t posted today’s).

There will be more challenges in the future as well, but with more of a specific focus, and better planned. Thanks to all of you did participate. I hope you got some benefit out of it. Sorry it lost its way a bit. But, heyho. There are no failures, only lessons learned.


  1. Jan Fisher

    Oh I should have posted then to confirm I was doing it. I am sorry – I was doing it quietly except for the pull up thing as I’ve got a knackered shoulder and a cardboard apartment.
    Hey ho, as you say lessons learned.

  2. TonyS

    I must admit to just picking various exercises out of the ones you posted. I was aware of it getting very mixed up and a lot of your Wod’s were way above my capabilities, which can be off putting. On the other hand, your squat series was excellent, and something I continue every day.

    So I’m glad you’ve put a stop to this and freed up a bit more time for you. I’ll still be following as I do find some of your musings interesting and entertaining.

  3. Julia Holman

    I have been avidly following your pull up challenge guidance on these posts which I’ve found so helpful. I do read all of your posts and so much of what you say I relate to on so many levels. I will enjoy reading and watching your progress as you find your way out of the chrysalis and I look forward to seeing what exercises you may have in store post pull ups, although it may be next lent by the time I can actually do one!!!

  4. HC

    I was dipping in now and then but agree that the simpler series, like the Squat challenge, work best as they become easier to integrate into your daily routine even after the challenge is long over.
    I think for most people the difficulty is mastering form, so it’s great to go back to basics and really crack that key issue before moving on.
    I agree it doesn’t make sense to waste your time, but look forward to other more linear challenges as the elements were all interesting, and your posts well-written.

  5. linda street (ancient runner)

    Thanks for the effort you put in. Have to admit to stopping couple of weeks ago as was having problems with my upper back. Still going with the squats – and if it’s any consolation. squatted down to pick up something at the hairdressers couple of days ago and he commented on how untroubled and smoothly I’d got right down and back up again!!

  6. AM

    A really big thank you for the Lent challenge! It provided my four kids with lots of amusement, watching me trying to master those Hollow body things (lying on the floor like a beached whale) or trying to do push-ups leaning on the stairs (it’s amazing how they can sneak up and suddenly appear underneath you to make you jump). It’s been fun!

  7. Lindsay/Anniemurph

    I enjoy your posts but feel I am being a pain if I constantly comment. I have not been following the Lent Challenge, currently because I am benched due to recovering from an op, but previously because I am a Bear of Very Little Brain and got confused. The linear nature of the skwaat challenge worked well for me. I did start the pull-up challenge but even I was daunted by how feeble I was. I will pick it up again though when my sentence is up, and I will return to my daily skwaats. Push-ups would be good too (hint, hint).
    Good luck with your current challenge. I will look forward to reading all about it from the comfort of my nice squashy couch.

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