The Rhomboid Manifesto

Friends, Rhomboidians, Countrymen, welcome to the Team Rhomboid blog.

It’s a Fitness/Health/Nutrition blog. Another Fitness/Health/Nutrition blog.
So why? What makes this different to any of the other millions of F/H/N blogs out there?
Because ut’s the one I wanted to read when I started in my fitness journey 3 years ago but wasn’t able to find. It’s the one that I would subscribe to now if it existed.
I do read a lot of fitness blogs and watch a lot of YouTube channels and there a lot of really good ones

For the most part all the fitness stuff I find that is aimed at the 40, 50 plus age groups tends to be extolling the virtues of sedate yoga, pilates and T’ai ch’i or perhaps suggesting a gentle jog at Parkrun, with warnings about being careful about our knees. There are a few by people who have been quite serious athletes all their lives and are now over forty, but that’s a slightly different thing.
There’s not a lot I can find about becoming buff and ripped at fifty, which is a shame because I would quite like to be buff and ripped at fifty. There’s not a lot of advice for becoming a Crossfit Firebreather in your forties, which is odd because I know a fair few people who have done just that.
I’m not suggesting that there is anything wrong with Yoga, Pilates and ParkrunĀ  quite the reverse, I wholeheartedly support doing all of these things. It is just that there are more and more people getting into fitness after forty these days, and, as we are constantly told, even more who need to do so, and, for all the great advice on technique and nutrition and so on out there, there isn’t a great deal aimed specifically at our age demographic.
And it is different. Not only are there obvious physical differences between working out in your youth and in middler age



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