Keto crab linguine recipe & Oomi noodle review

Ohh the things I miss from the carb cart… as much as I am onboard with keto and low carb there are things for which there is no substitute which rely on their carb content and just yummy AF and if I let myself go down that path, could weep that I can’t have: bacon sandwiches, blackberry and apple crumble, bread and butter pudding, TOAST!!!

but comfort foods aside, one of my favourite weekend lunches, which was otherwise quite healthy, was crab linguine. My girlfriend’s landlady owns a fish shop which is only a few doors up from her house, and has a tantalising array of fish and seafood fresh every morning from Brixham fish market.

I love fish and seafood in pretty much all its forms and happily being keto and pro gut health allows a lot of it in our weekly diet. I do miss two things though: sushi and crab linguine. Sushi can be got around by just having sashimi – it’s not the rice that’s the hero after all, but the linguine… I just looked wistfully in at the rows of crabs in the window and remembered the days…

until today, when it suddenly hit me: last week we tried Oomi low carb noodles for the first time. We had them as part of a stir fry and they were a huge success. None of the children even questioned whether they were not conventional noodles. Of all the low carb alternatives for things I have seen to date, I have yet to find any spaghetti or sensible pasta substitute. But, the lightbulb above my head screamed, what is the difference between noodles and linguine? And in a seafood based dish, a fish protein-based noodle (which is what Oomi is) is going to be the perfect alternative.

and so it came to pass. No time like the present, carpe diem and all that, into the fish shop I rushed and came out with a big pot of mixed white and brown crab meat. It always surprises me how everyone tends to just buy the white, when the brown is where the real flavour is.

Keto Crab Linguine Recipe.

Ingredients (serves 4)

large pot crab meat (mixed white and brown meat if possible)

2 packs Oomi noodles

Half a small pot double cream

1/4 bottle white wine

2-3 cloves garlic

1 shallot or small onion

handful grated Parmesan

crushed fennel seeds (optional)


This really is simplicity itself. Six ingredients: the noodles, a pot of crabmeat, a small pot of double cream, some white wine, a small onion (I would normally use a shallot, but this is what I had to hand, and some garlic. Usually I would also have used some crushed fennel seeds but alas, had none, so did without. I have also on occasion thrown in some cherry tomatoes and/or rocketleaves but today it was simple and basic and all about the big flavour of the crab.

First off, chop the onion and garlic and sauté until soft

Then add the wine. Quite a lot of wine. About quarter of the bottle. Let it reduce down.

When it has reached a syrupy consistency, add in the crab meat and combine. Leave for a minute or so to heat through

Then add the cream and season well with black pepper and a bit of salt.

You might think that the crab would be salty enough but I prefer a more robust approach. No one wants a bland dish.

Finally, the ingredient so secret it had to left off the ingredient picture: a handful of fresh Parmesan. This is sort of optional. Cheese and seafood is a slightly controversial combination and most recipes for crab pasta I have seen do not feature it, but  one does, and I think it is the better for it (otherwise I wouldn’t add it, obviously).

While the cream is heating through and cheese melting, cook the noodles. I have found microwaving them to be perfectly adequate.

The one tip I would suggest though, is to decant them into a bowl and fluff them up a bit before cooking, rather than cooking them in the pack. They cook more evenly and it is a lot easier than trying to declump them when they are hot.

Mix it all together and serve, with a good squeeze of lemon on top. That’s it.

Not the prettiest dish ever, although with the tomatoes and rocket to give it a splash of colour it looks more photo-op friendly. It is one of the yummiest dishes ever, however. And what of the Oomi noodles, I hear you ask? Well they were an inspired choice. Not only did they keep it keto and cut the calories of the dish drastically, taste wise they added rather than detracted to the dish, and even after a fairly substantial portion, we felt light and energetic rather than the bloated carb coma feeling you associate with a big plate of pasta. An absolute winner and another plus for the Oomi noodles.

Costwise this was not a cheap eat. The crab was £10 and 2 packs of noodles £5, plus wine cheese and cream… at least £20, but it would not have been much less in full carb form and is well worth it as a weekend treat.

“Are you going to finish that?”

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