Lent Challenge D18 –

Short and sweet today, as it is Sunday and we all have things to be doing. No memes, no anecdotes, no packdrill, just a fast an effective little workout to keep the muscles warm and the ticker ticking over. FIrebreathers, your RhomWOD of the day, taking into account how brutal yesterday’s was, and the fact that I can barely move today, is a little more gentle:

6 Donkey Kicks
10 Hollow Rocks
60 second Plank Hold

That’s all. No burpees, no holding yourself up or even having to stand up at all. Just Donkey Kicks, Hollow Rocks and Plank.
Although it is a 15 minute AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible – as soon as you finish a round, start the next. See how many you can get for time).

Lenteneers, a fairly gentle day for you too: do Hollow Rocks, 3 sets of 15, followed by 3 sets of 15 knee/leg raises and 3 sets of 15 airsquats.

I know it’s Sunday but it’s good for you.

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