Lent Challenge Day 11- Mea Culpa

You may have noted my absence yesterday. Well those of you who came to class would have. Those of you who only come when I post links in your respective fora may have not noticed. But I wasn’t here. There was no post. There was no Lent Challenge Day 10. I could say it was programmed in as a rest day and I was just testing you to see whether you would all do some squats and so on on your own intitiative, but that would be untrue. I just didn’t post because I had a really difficult day at the end of a fairly difficult week on the family front. Sorry about that. Mea maxima culpa.

If you did do some squats n’ stuff on your own initiative (actually those of you who did the squat challenge should be doing your daily dose of squats anyway – I wonder how many of you are… hmmm, may have to do a poll…), then take a Gold star for enterprise. Those of you who didn’t, well you got a rest day, and that’s okay too.the occasional rest day, especially when its unexpected, can be good for us too.
Or of course we could catch up and do yesterday’s workout today as well…

Nah, not even I am that unkind, especially when it’s my fault. And anyway you have enough fun in store today because…


Yes indeed, I know its Sunday and I know its late but think how much better you will feel once you’ve smashed those burpees out. Same format as before: 5 minute EMOM: Every Minute, On the Minute, 6 burpees. Chest to floor every time. Feet jumped back together every time. Clap overhead with the little leap every time.
The good news is, it’s all over and done with in 5 minutes. And that’s all you have to do today.
Boom! Off you go…


  1. TonyS

    Too late for me, but I’m running a day behind anyway.
    Yes, the squats are still getting done, in fact I’ve had to turn the hob down on the porridge as I’ve the squats and now there’s been some push ups lobbed in as well.
    Hope you have a better week.

  2. Julia Holman

    I have to confess that what with my daily runs, squats and pull up training I have not had time to burp. However I am seeing progress on the pull up front. I hope this week brings some rays of sushine in the gloom.

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