Lent Challenge Day 15 – Firebreathers are Go!

and so it is that with immaculate timing, the first day of my caloric restriction and running around outside doing daily cardio should coincide with the coldest day of the last few years and a blizzard. I should be snuggling up by a roaring log fire with platters of comforting comfort foods and a large snifter of port n’ brandy.
To be totally honest, doing the 100 back squats on Tuesday was perhaps not the best preparation, either. My glute and quad DOMS are running a solid 8/10. But no matter.

RhomWOD #1 is simple as could be:

5 Air Squats
5 Push-Ups
5 Sit-Ups

that’s all there is to it. This should be 20 rounds for time, but in the interests of easing back in gently, we’ll just do 10 rounds today. It is for time though. Quick as you can.
I did it in 8:11. To be honests the squats were not as bad as I expected after the first couple of sets. It was the situps that slowed ne down because I have been getting weird abdominal muscle cramps recently and they kept twingeing every 4th and 5th rep. Not enough to go into full cramp, just enough to make me not sit up and take notice. Will have to look into what is going on there. Anyway. Have fun with it and post your times in teh comnents, Ir don’tm as you prefer.

And everyone else, let me think. Ah yes, I know…

Yes indeed.
But today we are going to do something a little different to our usual EMOM.
We are still going every minute on the minute , but rather than the set number every minute we are going to do the charmingly named ‘Death by Burpee’:

In the first minute do 1 Burpee then rest for the remainder of the minute
In the second minute do 2 Burpees, then rest for the remainder of the minute
In the third minute do 3 Burpees… and you get the picture

Keep going till you can’t go any more. Your score is the number of burpees you do in the last minute. This should keep you nice and warm this cold snowy weather, and if you have not been able to get outside to do your regular exercise, will make you feel all virtuous and good about yourself. Snug and smug. There’s a twofer you can’t quibble over.


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