Lent Challenge Day 17 – In Memoriam

To be honest, I always find it a bit weird when people dedicate their daily run or workout to the memory of a departed loved one. I can see the point of running a marathon for charity in honour of your Nan who died of the ailment that charity supports, and that is a super way of remembering someone and doing something constructive and positive at the same time. But I shall be dedicating my 3 sets of bicep curls this morning to my Aunt Flossie seems a bit vague to me. I don’t understand what that actually means.
On the other hand, I find a lot of solace and escape from sadness and stress in pushing myself hard, physically in whatever way: running or lifting or working out. The worse I feel, the more relief I get from driving myself as close to the limit as possible. My friend Julia of Bridge to 10k fame refers to me as ‘The Painchaser’ on account of this. I’m not sure that is entirely fair as I am not always working out solely to battle my demons; I do have plenty of fun and happy days on the trails and under the bar as well, but I concede there is some element of truth to the description.
Today is a year to the day since my mother passed away, and this morning I really felt the pain of her absence quite horribly. Getting absolutely shitfaced drunk is not an option, so instead today’s RhomWOD is going to be horrid and brutish and nasty. The irony of this is that my mother detested exercise in any form and was most dubious about my latterday conversion to the ways of fitness and would have disapproved wholeheartedly of such an endeavour. She would have been all in favour of the getting shitfaced drunk option, but I fear in this instance painchasing will have to win over shot chasing.

So today’s RhomWod… I was contemplating Murph, the WOD that strikes dread into the hearts of Crossfitters everywhere, but the snow is still too deep here to make a fast mile run at either end of the workout a sensible proposition.
It also needed to be something that can be performed indoors without equipment. I assumed that the Firebreathers among you are probably also puller uppers. If you do not have a pull up bar, you could substitute with Door Pull-Ins:

If you are a Puller-Upper but do not have your first full pullup yet, you can either do jumping pullups or substitute with the Door Pull-Ins
So the workout today is really simple. It is a Crossfit WOD called Chelsea.

5 Pull-Ups
10 Push-Ups
15 Air Squats

That is one round. You should aim to complete a round in under a minute.
Then repeat Every Minute On the Minute for 30 minutes. If you are taking more than a minute per round (probably increasingly likely as the rounds go on), that is fine, just count how many rounds you do before the 30 minute cut-off.

It is a lot of volume, I know. We will be going into the Pain Cave fairly early on, and staying there for the duration. That’s fine too. It’s cleansing for the soul. You may not be able to stand up, sit down or raise your arms tomorrow, but it is unlikely you are going to strain anything.

The good news is, if you do the RhomWOD with me, you don’t have to do the regular workout afterwards. You may not be able to do much of anything afterwards, in fact.

Meanwhile for the rest of the Lenteneers:

Lunges: 10 on the left, 10 on the right (you may do this the other way round if you prefer, but will need to turn to face the other way)
Air Squats: 15
Push-Ups: 10 (if you do not have 10 in a row, break it up into smaller numbers but do all 10)

Repeat the routine 4 times. Remind yourself how glad you are you didn’t sign up for the Firebreather challenge.

Showing off my Gainz at a young age with my beautiful Mum.


  1. Julia Holman

    That is indeed a beautiful picture of you with your dear mum. It’s the strongest bond and yesturday must have been very hard.

    I will stick with my description of you – The Painchaser is good, and I don’t mean it in a negative way. It encompasses your approach to Gainz and your workouts. It also encompasses lifechasing which you do well too. It means you don’t give up when it all gets difficult, you carry on and you fight.

    As for that routine… are you actually trying to fucking kill us?!!! So I will do it, but after my run in the woods which I’m excited about. And I’ll substite the full pull up for one of the many pre pull up work- towards type things instead. I’ll report back if I am still alive on how I got on.
    Happy Painchasing.

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