Lent Challenge Day 19 – Death by Burpees

Who doesn’t love a workout that has the word Death in its name? What could possibly go wrong, right?
I seem to think we may have done something along these lines before but today we’re going to do it again and do it with feeling.
Death by Burpees is dead simple: It’s a simple Burpee ladder starting at 1 Burpee in minute one and increasing every minute on the minute by one burpee. It starts easy but once you get to about 10 minutes it starts getting quite spicy.

And today the WOD is the same for both Firebreathers and Lenteneers. the only difference is the number of sets expected of you. Lenteneers and people not so comfortable with burpees, just do what you can. Firebreathers, you should be getting up into double figures. The numbers add up quite quickly. I got 17 rounds and 6 more burpees then could not move at all. That added up to 159 burpees. I am not looking forward to tomorrow morning. Which, by happy coincidence, happens to be Leg Day. Deep Joy.
Leave your score in the Comment Box. Comments have been rather thin on the ground of late. I can’t decide if you all just read the day’s workout and switch off in disgust or do the workout and are too exhausted afterwards to be able to type.

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