Lent Challenge Day 20 – Wo-oh, we’re halfway there

Take my hand, we’ll make it I swear…
It’s day 20 of our Lenten Challenge already! only another 20 to go… can you believe that?
I know it may have seemed a bit haphazard earlier on in the challenge, but hopefully a little bit of method in the madness is beginning to peep through. I am hoping that you are all beginning to see some progress in technique and fitness levels.
So without further ado, let’s crack on with today’s instalment:

Puller-Uppers: Flexed Arm Hangs. Have you been practicing in the week? Imma take that as a ‘Yes Billy, of course’. Let’s practice a bit more today, shall we? Did any of you take the advice of investing in a resistance band? Hard for me to tell given your radio silence, but let me not dwell on that. If you did, then this would be the time to deploy it. Pass the band over your pullup bar and loop it through itself.

Then put your foot into the bottom of the band (you can either jump up to the bar or step off a chair as last week, whichever you prefer) and pull yourself up to the bar to hold for the flexed hang. The band will support your weight to a significant degree, allowing you to concentrate on holding the position and what your muscles should be doing, rather than desperately struggling to support your weight. It may seem like cheating to some: how will you get stronger if you are letting your weight be supported by the band? But as with everything, it is a matter of mastering the form and then the strength will follow.
Hold for as long as you can, then lower yourself down as slowly and with much control as possible. The further down you go, the more the band will stretch and the greater the resistance it will provide. This means it will support you more the lower you go. The whole exercise should be a great deal more manageable than it was previously.

Once you are down, step out of the band (this takes a little bit of getting used to, so exercise caution the first couple of times. It can be a little tricky getting the band to let go of your foot, and hopping around on one foot when you are hanging onto a bar and your arms are tired is not the best of fun).

Then do an active hang without the band. Take a rest and repeat both.

If you have not yet acquired a band, then do the same exercises without. I would strongly recommend you do get aband though. it will make everything much easier.

After that, join the Groundhogs in doing 4 sets of Pushups and 4 sets of Squats. Aim to get 2 or 3 reps more than last time you did them. Hopefully by now, some of you who started on the earlier progressions will be moving up to the next version. Please do share your progress in the Comments box. It is great to hear your progress and sharing how you are getting on helps and inspires others.

Finally, for the Firebreathers, today’s RhomWOD is:

Hollow Rocks
Jump Squats

Do 21 reps of each. Then 15, then 9. Then rest. You’re a machine. Possibly a rather broken machine at this exact moment, but a machine nonetheless.


  1. TonyS

    I’m not doing the fire breather. Reading about it puts me in the cardio zone. Push ups are coming on, well into full push ups and reps slowly improving, but don’t expect the acclaimed 100 anytime soon.
    I’ve just got a couple of kettlebells and they’re a revelation, I’m finding the goblet squat a lot easier to maintain form than an air one. Reps gone down obviously.

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