Lent Challenge Day 21- Too Tired to Push

The past couple of days I have been helping a friend move his joinery workshop. Lots of pieces of really heavy duty machinery and literally tons of big pieces of oak. Some of them truly gorgeous slabs six inches thick and 15 feet long. As much as it has been fairly repetitive hard work, it has also been quite fun. The sun has been shining and it is quite warm – you really wouldn’t believe it is less than a week since we were snowed in – and I quite enjoy doing a bit of honest hard labour every now and then.
It was also quite interesting/pleasing to find that all the strength training over the last six months have actually paid off in a functional context: I can lift much heavier things than I could before, and do it for hours on end without getting tired. In fact yesterday, when I got home I did a full chest session, PB’d my Bench Press and rattled off the 21:15:9  Firebreather session and still felt quite fine when I woke up this morning. Yay, me.
After a second day of it, however, I am feeling quite worn out. I’m not aching particularly but do feel just drained.
So today’s RhomWOD is a light and simple one:

20 Pushups
10 Ab Wheel Roll-Outs (if you have no ab wheel, you can use a barbell, if you have neither, you could use an exercise ball or just do plank walkouts)

Repeat 5 times.
I was falling apart in the last couple of sets of roll-outs. I feel a lot better after a hot bath but suspect I am not going to be great tomorrow morning.


10 Lunges each side
10 Leg/Knee Raises
10 Hollow Rocks

Repeat 3 times.

Any questions, pop them in the comment box. Any feedback, banter, chat etc. Anyone want to comment on how they got on yesterday with the resistance bands or otherwise… yeah, yeah, you know the score. I know a fair number of you are still doing the challenge, going by the daily stats. You’re just shy.


  1. TonyS

    Dentist appointment for tooth extraction today. Nothing strenuous for at least 72 hours. I’ll have to pick this up in a few days. I’m already a day behind so it looks like Lent is going to drag on a bit, or maybe I’ll just jump back in wherever we’re at.

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