Lent Challenge Day 24 – The Return of the Saturday Suck

Those of you who saw the brief debut of the Rhomboid Channel vlog last year may recall The Saturday Suck. You may also recall just how badly the vlog sucked in general – I learned the hard way that I have a voice and presenting style ideally suited to the written word.
The Saturday Suck, for those of you lucky enough to be unfamiliar with the video channel, was, and now is again, a short, sharp and generally fairly nasty metcon designed to get a functional heartrate-spiking workout done in as short a space of time as possible to leave you free to spend the rest of you Saturday doing stuff with the kids of going out cavorting or visiting art galleries or frolicking on the beach with the dogs or cataloguing your collection of miniature Napoleonic war figurines or whatever it might be that you spend your weekends doing.

I actually did not have my children with me today, so had the whole day at my disposal after completing the Saturday Suck. I loafed around for a bit, did a German Volume Training chest session at the gym, took the dogs for a walk in which they managed to get completely coated in mud, did a 45 minute slow run for cardio points and an hour of Power Yoga. I know how to live the high life.

A lot of the Saturday Sucks are more functional than gymnastic in nature. Quite a lot involves some minimal equipment – sandbags, tyres and other improvised stuff. Occasionally kettlebells or dumbbells. In recognition of the fact that many of you many not have access to equipment, even improvised, I kept today’s equipment-free. A lot of the Saturday Suck workouts are taken from the book 100 Conditioning Workouts for the Modern Viking by (the very appropriately named) Johnny Pain of the Greyskull Barbell Club, a resource I highly recommend if you have a taste for nasty brutish workouts.

Saturday Suck 10/03/18

5 Burpees
10 Pushups

10 Rounds for time. If you are not done in 10 minutes, stop and record your score.

If you do not fancy that, you have the option of doing the 45 minute slow run (or similar steady state cardio of your choice) instead. The choice is entirely yours.


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