Lent Challenge Day 9 – That Friday Feeling

Well I am sure you all had a fine time yesterday hanging around and doing those burpees. No one has complained of death or injury so I am assuming all is well. If you are a Puller Upper don’t do any hanging or pulling today. It will take a couple of weeks for your arms to get used to the work, so we will not be doing any Pull-Up work on consecutive days.
So what new horrors do you have in store for us today, I hear you ask? What evil tortures have you conjured up for our Friday workout?

Well actually today’s routine is nice and simple: 3 sets of Squats, 3 sets of PushUps. 3 more reps in each set than you did last time. If you found your last sets easy, try moving up a progression Bang them out. Watch your form. Go do Friday things.

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