Motivation Monday: the Dance Class Rules

This Monday is just a really simple motivation. No huge podcast or YouTube video to watch. Don’t worry, there are plenty more of those to come. I’ve been amassing a whole load of good stuff to share on that score.
But this Monday I just have this to share. I saw it on, and pinched it from my friend Oona’s Facebook page.
Now you may be thinking “Dance Class? What the fuck is he on about now?”
I should state, in the interests of full disclosure that I do not go to dance class, nor have I ever been to a dance class in my life, as far as I can remember, although maybe I should. I do dance pretty much most days, though, even if only to embarrass my children or annoy my girlfriend, but not in any co-ordinated or recognisable fashion.
But my point isn’t about dance. The post caught my eye and it struck me that these were pretty good universal rules you could apply to whatever it is you do (as opposed to universal rules that are really specific to one thing). I make a point of reminding myself of these things now when I do my thing.
However much my lungs and legs are burning, I am lucky to be able to run, I am lucky be able to do burpees.
I’m never going to have the physique or strength of some of the other guys in the gym, but I can do my best to be the strongest version of me.
I can take a positive attitude into every workout, every run, every yoga session, every day.
… and so on.
Have a read. Have a think about them. See if you can apply them to your life.

and dance.


  1. Lindsay/Anniemurph

    Oh, that’s great. I’m going to borrow this, if you don’t mind (share, steal shamelessly, whatever) because I think it’s so good. Thank you.

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