Motivation Monday A few of my favourite inspirational videos

So today I’m going to share a few of my favourite inspirational videos.
I know, I know, Inspiration and Motivation, not exactly the same thing, before any of you keyboard warriors leap in to correct me (actually another of the really great things I am discovering about having a fitness blog with an audience of predominantly forty plus year olds is that the endemic trolling and haters that is so synonymous with the usual fitness channels is almost totally absent. Yay, maturity! Although that comment will probably winkle a few out). We will get onto the discussion of the difference at some point. Not today though.
However if these videos fail to motivate and inspire then.. I don’t know what. Leave a trolling comment in the comment box and we’ll have a puerile flame war.


Arthur Boorman’s DDP Yoga Transformation
You’ve probably seen this one before. It does the rounds on Facebook and forums and so on quite frequently. That doesn’t take anything away from just how amazing a transformation this guy makes and the strength and courage it must have taken him to make the commitment to do that. Diamond Dallas Page (the DDP of DDP Yoga) is a pretty awesome dude as well. He has done an enormous amount to help a lot of people. If you have Netflix, I would highly recommend the documentary ‘The Resurrection of Jake the Snake’, or check out more of the stories on his website: DDP Yoga
I have seen this clip many many times, but just watched it again when I loaded it here and it still blows me away.


Kevin Ogar:
This is a longass video. It is a full episode of the Powercast with Kevin Ogar as the guest. You can look his up on YouTube and fid shorter versions of his essential story if you are pushed for time, but I found this an exceptional interview and would highly recommend you watch the whole thing. Kevin was a Crossfit athlete who suffered a freak accident during an Olympic lifting meet which left him paralysed from the waist down. His attitude to his accident, his accomplishments since and his honesty are, to me, remarkable and hugely inspiring.

The Rock.
This one is just a compilation of snippets and quotes and bits of training videos, rather than being a transformation type story, but it’s The Rock. For all his success, for all his wealth, for all his unbelievable genetic gifts, you can be sure that while you are reading this, The Rock is somewhere either working or working out (or possibly eating his 8th meal of white fish and rice of the day). Whenever my alarm goes off at stupid o’clock and I really don’t feeling like getting up in the freezing cold to lift weights, I remind myself that The Rock would have already been up for an hour, crushing it.

“They say nothing good happens in the 4AM hour. Well, I can guaran-damn-tee you this: It’s 4.45AM, it’s still dark outside. Look at that, the lights just went out and I’m getting ready to kill this AM cardio…”

Mo Samuels
Mo Samuels is a young British fitness model/YouTuber. He has the impressive physique you would expect for someone in that line of work. More impressive however is that he has repeatedly rebuilt himself after battles since early teenage years with lymphoedema, which is both incurable and progressive.

Nike Greatness
Yes, it’s an advert (or a series of adverts). But it’s a great one.



  1. Gill/Razouski

    Just watched the first video and am wiping away the tears. That was really moving. Now I feel ashamed at my grumbling about burps, so off to put my trainers on and have a go at them again EMOM. Thank you. 🙂

  2. karen donald

    Gosh, same here, trying to pretend the cold is making my eyes water. Thanks so much for introducing me to DPP, just what I needed to fire up my rehab motivation levels. Now, where’s that yoga mat …….

  3. HC

    Only got as far as the first, will have to come back to the others…
    Boorman makes an amazing and seemingly unlikely transformation with humility and grace – it’s impossible not to be inwardly cheering him on. Brilliant stuff.

    1. Post

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