Motivation Monday – Losing 300lbs

Another Monday, another Motivation Monday, another Motivation Monday when I ditch my scheduled content in favour of something spontaneous that I just happened upon today. Well, that sounds pretty damn motivating to me. When the spirit moves you and all that…

So I was driving to work this morning in the unseasonal snow, and just browsing my podcast subscriptions for what was new to listen to, and came across a surprise final episode of Mark Bell’s Powercast. I can’t remember if I have published the favourite podcasts post yet if not I will be sure to get it out in the next day or so. The Powercast was one of my longtime favourites and I was very disappointed when it suddenly imploded without warning at Christmas. I discussed the whys and wherefores of that in the other post so will not go back into it all here, but suffice to say I was very pleased to find one last episode. There is a bit of an intro from Jim McD that rather diplomatically confirms much of what has been circulating on the rumour mill regarding the show’s demise, but enough about that… what really hit me today was the interview with this episode’s guest, Tyler Cartwright.

Tyler Cartwright is CEO of He is a fairly regular looking dude. Looks like he lifts, and according to the interview he does and reasonably heavy. When he was younger he played football and lifted really heavy.
What is not so regular is what happened in between then and now. Tyler drifted away from sport and exercise after college, as many people do, and put on weight, as many people do. Only Tyler’s weight went up to 505lbs. That is 229kg or 36 stone depending on your currency. That is rather more than most people do.
Then he lost 295lbs of it. 21 stone. 133kg. Of weight loss…


Those are astonishing numbers. Weight and fat loss is a topic that is on my mind at the moment because I am cutting at the moment, and am at (or rather was a couple of weeks ago) the heaviest I have ever been in my life. Tyler lost one and a half times my entire bodyweight now. That puts my concerns about whether I am a pound over on my weekly target to drop 20lbs into serious perspective.

In the episode he is extremely open about the weight he was, why he was the weight he was and how he changed that. Particularly interesting I found two parts: first when he discussed how his weight loss was not just linear, how there were peaks and troughs and plateaux while his body adjusted. At one point he stuck at 300lbs for 18 months before the needle on the scale started shifting again. We are all so accustomed to dramatic rapid recomposition stories I thought this was extremely valuable to hear. This isn’t ‘The Biggest Loser’. Tyler measured his weight loss in years, not weeks, but has achieved long term weight stability as a consequence. The other thing, which is also related to this goal of staying leaner rather than just losing and regaining, is when he talks about doing work on yourself while you are losing the weight. As he says in the interview no one gets to be 500lbs just because they like cookies. The same as giving up alcohol or drugs or overcoming undereating disorders r any behaviour of that kind, dealing with the physical manifestation and its effects is really only half the battle. Unless you address why you were doing that to yourself and work out how to unfuck yourself during the process, you will probably go straight back to doing it all over again once you have reached your goal.

I couldn’t find a video link to the episode. Supertraining aren’t listing it on their YouTube channel, which makes all that amicable end crap seem even more hollow, but here is a link to the podcast itself or you can get it from iTunes or wherever you normally listen to podcasts.
Do listen to it all the way through. Tyler is a remarkable man with a remarkable story he tells remarkably well. I had to stop driving several times to jot down little quotes.

and this is the link to Tyler’s own blog at


  1. roseabi

    I’m really really interested to hear this podcast. I’ve got it all ready to roll on my podcast app, now I’m just waiting for a time slot to open up… 🙂

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