Motivation Monday on a Wednesday

Yes that is right. Somehow we missed each other on Monday but don’t panic, the motivation is still here and we are back once again, with the Crossfit Master this time.

David Hippensteell is a 5 times Crossfit Games masters athlete and winner of the Games in the Masters 60+ division in 2016 and 2017. He is 62 years old, has an awesome six pack, perfomance stats that would make men half (or even a third) his age envious and still has pretty cool hair.

We do not need to let age define our ambition. We do not need to downsize our aspirations just because we are no longer callow youths. Of course not all of us can be the World’s fittest man, in any age division, but we can all be the world’s fittest us, and that bar can be set a whole lot higher than Parkrun and the Bowls club.

David Hippensteell video


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      Billy Rhomboid

      Nothing wrong with Parkrun. Or bowls for that matter.
      Just that that shouldn’t have to be the extent of our ambition.

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