New Horizons, New Experiences… it’s a whole New Day

Age is just a number and all that, as they say. You only stop having fun when you stop doing fun things and 50’s the new whatever it is.
A quick Google throws up loads of lists of 50 things you must do at 50. The Guardian suggests I should try Laughter Yoga. They can fuck right off with that one for a start. It also suggests a whole load of stuff I have done before many times (skinny dipping, make a loaf of bread, eat a whole lobster), and, interestingly:
Do a Life Expectancy Calculator test. So, how many years have you got left? Write down five things you’d really like to do in that time.”
I say interestingly because I already know my life expectancy and am going to write a pot about that subject and longevity in general very shortly.
The rest of the Graun’s suggestions are pretty much what you would expect 50 year old Guardianistas to be doing for excitement. Huffpo’s list is equally wanky on the whole, if in a somewhat different direction (although does also feature skinny dipping. Clearly closet exhibitionism and a somewhat sheltered younger life is a common thing amongst journalists). The Daily Mail also has a list, but reading the Daily Mail is something I have no intention of trying, at any age. I shudder to think what might be on it, in fact.
Anyway, whilst I may not be at the point yet where I need to be consulting the lifestyle pages of News Media for bucket list ideas, I am keen to open myself to new experiences and try new things as I enter my second half century.
So with that in mind, and there being no time like the present (that “how long do we have left after all?” question again), I did something new today:
I went to a Globo Gym.
I confess I did feel a little bit apprehensive about it. It was not like a Crossfit box or a weightlifting gym at all. It was mid afternoon and Saturday so there were very few people in there, just a few ponytail swishers on the treadmills and a couple of very big dudes in stringer vests in the free weight section discussing how they had both trained on Christmas day but somehow missed each other, and showing each other pictures of I know not what on their mobiles. They gave me a slightly puzzled look when I sat down at a bench, but thereafter ignored me in a friendly enough way. The Cardio Bunnies didn’t even look up.

It was okay. I did my usual chest workout, slightly scaled down, then a couple of km on the rowing machine. Nothing new or excessive, just easing myself back in to it. It was quite nice just to be able to grab dumbbells at whetever weight without having to be changing plates on the adjustable dumbbell. It was cool to be able to bench in a proper rack with safety bars. I thought I would feel a bit self conscious around the other lifters, but after the first set or so I really just forgot about everyone else and got on with it. I’m planning on going back at some absurd hour of night when it will be properly empty so I can have a play around on some of the machines I have no idea how to operate without worrying about looking like the noob I am. It seems silly, writing this, to be bothered by such things at my age. I’m 50 now, not 15, but whatever. Whatever gets the job done, and I prefer learning in my own time.

Who knows, tomorrow I may even try the stairmaster…

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