Squat Challenge Week 4 – Into the Home Stretch


Squat Challenge Week 4? Can it really be the beginning of Week 4 already? I know time flies ever faster after 40 (and I know some of you skwaatsters are mere youngsters, but bear with me here) but this seems to have just whizzed by. Its been so much fun.  But don’t worry, it’s not over yet. We’re just getting on to the good stuff.

I read yesterday that in Moscow, there is a machine in the subway that will accept 30 squats in lieu of cash as payment for a subway ticket. As public health initiatives go, this seems a pretty good one to me.

These two Muscovite ladies have totally not read the memo about the knees drifting forward of the toes though. I would bet a year’s rail pass on the Moscow Subway that they did not hinge first at the hips either. Do you see now, looking at these pictures, how your own form has improved ? If any of you saw the BBC TV programme ‘The Truth about Fitness’ last week, I was amused and appalled in equal measure to see Michael Mosley demonstrating the squat with such truly terrible form. Not that I should really be saying much about demonstrating with bad form today of all days, but we’ll get on to that.

This guy, on the other hand is executing a fairly flawless Pistol Squat. Possibly he is a Cossack dancer. He gets free rail travel wherever he wants, in my book. Let’s not be comparing ourselves to him just yet though. The Pistol Squat is pretty advanced stuff we don’t need to even be thinking about for some time yet (Read: I am utterly terrible at Pistol Squats)

So for our last week, we are going to be doing a full air squat. No holding on to anything, no sitting back to anything.
You all know the drill by now.  Stand tall. Arms out in front for balance. Hinge at the hips. Keep the knees tracking over mid foot and certainly no further forward than the toes. Let the knees move out as you come down to sit between the legs, never let them cave in. Keep a neutral spine and shoulders over the ankle. Keep your head straight and looking forward, not checking whether the dog has just pissed on your feet as I am doing in these pictures. Try to get to parallel or lower, if you can, as I am also not doing in these pictures. In my defence, 4 days of ab workouts for the Month of Abs and it is a wonder I was even able to get out of bed let alone do squat pictures. I will to demonstrate with greater depth as the week goes on.

and there is nothing really more to say about it than that really. You’re doing a full air squat. In a way that is not going to wreck you knees but strengthen them.  Now you just need to do a set of ten of them, followed by 2 more sets of 10 for a total of 30.

And that’s your Sunday (or whichever day it is you do this – I know I am posting this rather late in the day, so even the keenest among you might actually slip a day out of sync this week. I apologise for that. My weekends can sometimes be somewhat unpredictable. I will aim to be more punctual for the rest of the week).

I’m not going to give you the full week schedule just yet, we’ll reveal that on a need to know basis, day-by-day, as that worked so well last week. I think the little frisson of anticipation adds a certain je-ne-sais-quoi to proceedings. So Squat Free, my lieblings and I will see you tomorrow.



  1. TonyS

    I was just off to bed when this came through, and I’m not that keen.

    So Monday morning, dog walked and 3×10 done so now back on track.

    Totally agree about how quickly it seems to of gone. There’s about three clues to my age here.

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