My t-shirt hangs straight down

This may sound weird, but for me it’s a thing.
I was just in the bathroom and I noticed in the mirror that my t-shirt hangs straight down.
It doesn’t stretch out over my stomach. It doesn’t actually touch my stomach. It hangs from my chest. Which means my chest protrudes further than my stomach does.
I can distinctly remember in the not too distant past walking home from the shops and catching sight of myself in my reflection in the windows of parked cars (a really good reality check), and seeing how my my t-shirt hung off my belly.
And not liking that.
And after, when I lost weight, my chest was so skinny that even when I was at 8 percent body fat and had abs popping out like an Instagram model, my abs popped out further than my chest did so the t shirt still clung.
But now it doesn’t. Now I have the beginnings of a chest and a relatively flat stomach and my t-shirt hangs off my nipples.
It may sound the most narcissistic observation, but it’s a thing and it feels like a little victory. A little unepected victory. And I am learning to take those wherever I find them and enjoy them.

Dat shirt hang!

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